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Stimulate Sales with Purposeful Packaging Solutions

Store shelves are crowded. To stand out among the competition, label graphics must look terrific on the package. Choose from packaging solutions, including sustainable options, for all container types and a multitude of end use applications, including resealable closures.

Package Decoration and Primary Labeling

The metalized films and optically clear films in the portfolio enable more creativity and visual appeal on bottles, while polyethylene films for semi-squeeze containers and squeeze tubes provide superior conformability for maximum label and graphic coverage.

Package Decoration and Primary Labeling


Resealable Closures

High-performance resealable adhesives bond well to laminated flexible packaging substrates with clean, quiet, and consistent reclosure for personal care, food, and household chemical applications where moisture control is critical.


Sustainable Packaging

The new OptiFlex® EcoFocus® line of label substrates is uniquely geared toward eco-friendly packaging, such as enabling container recyclability.

Optiflex Ecofoc Bottles