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Flexcon products fall into into 4 distinct segments. Through a proud history of innovation, they have come to include a wide range of standard products that meet the needs of most applications as well as custom constructions designed to meet specific performance requirements.

Multi-layered Constructions

Engineered adhesives and coatings are at the core of Flexcon's product offering. Constructions can be made up of any number of layers of adhesives, films and other substrates to serve specific functional purposes, such as flame retardancy, heat conductivity, and filtration, as well as graphics production.

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Deliver a powerful brand message on product packaging, labels, signage and promotional graphics. Choose from a range of colors, finishes and specialty films to achieve brand differentiation, heightened engagement and increased sales.

Track & Trace/Identification

Ensure the traceability of assets throughout the supply chain with substrates designed to withstand environmental exposures, from general warehousing to cryogenic storage, as well as alert if product integrity has been compromised.

Functional Technologies

Flexcon creates products designed to attach, filter, protect, separate, insulate, conduct, or combine product components. Through collaboration with customers, new polymeric solutions are being developed every day.

Converted Products

Flexcon can deliver products that are fit for end use (not a component or raw material) where no additional converting is necessary. Customers work with us to bring products to market that they don’t have the capabilities to produce in-house.

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