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Gain a competitive edge in your industry when you choose a solution manufactured by Flexcon.

Performance in the Real World

Exposure to extreme temperatures, caustic chemicals and other harsh environments are a given for products designed to last for many years. Materials have been thoroughly tested in our DAP-certified lab and are available for immediate UL adoption.

Consumer Durables

New Possibilities for Diagnostics, Treatment, and Wellness

Find functional technologies that aid in patient care, diagnostics, consumer wellness, pharmaceutical labeling, and medical device labeling, all supported by innovative adhesive and coating technologies.


Stimulate Sales with Purposeful Packaging Solutions

Ensure that your customers stand out on a crowded shelf – or e-commerce site – with packaging that can’t be ignored. Choose from a range of base film types, colors, and adhesives to suit any container type, desired aesthetics, or functional need, including sustainable packaging options.


Reliable Solutions for Functional Applications

Meet the unique demands of aerospace and automotive applications, such as heat & chemical resistance, sound & vibration damping, bonding, and flame retardancy, with engineered films and adhesives that ensure functional performance, protection, and safety.


Innovation and Performance for Tomorrow’s Technology

As new technologies emerge, the components within them must evolve to meet new challenges, such as smaller spaces, temperature extremes, and counterfeiting methods.


Performance and Value in Demanding Environments

Rely on robust materials to track assets through the supply chain and ensure safety in industrial environments, including labeling of hazardous chemicals in accordance with GHS.


Building Solutions for Sustainability and Performance

Energy efficiency is top-of-mind in construction today. High-performance adhesives and films add functionality – like protection or insulation – to a range of applications, including architectural components and solar.

Construction & Energy

Deliver Impactful Brand Experiences

Create connections with shoppers all along the path to purchase with meaningful brand messaging – out-of-home, in-store, and at-the-shelf.

Retail & Advertising