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New Possibilities for Diagnostics, Treatment, and Wellness

Flexcon has been supplying the Healthcare industry with adhesives, tapes, films, and coating technologies for over 35 years. Superior quality is at the heart of every product.

Patient Care

Skin-friendly adhesives have been developed with patient comfort in mind. Products include flexible overtapes and double-face films for bonding medical devices to the body, as well as substrates for securing IV tubing and wiring.

Infant Ankle Bracelet



Flexcon continues to drive the future of healthcare with innovations such as patented Omni-Wave™ components for hydro-gel free electrodes.

Cardiac Monitoring



Expect products that have been processed to precise specifications for drug packaging and pharmaceutical security where the margin for error is zero. Offerings include substrates for small diameter tubes, vials, and syringes, as well as large diameter, cryogenic, conceal, and tamper-evident applications.



Select functional materials for customer-specific products used for everyday wear, from skin protection and sports and fitness tapes to health monitoring. Take advantage of an ISO Class 7 certified cleanroom to meet strict cleanliness specifications.

Wellness functional materials

Consumer Products

Collaboration with customers and end users to bring concepts to life is at the core of Flexcon’s culture and was evident in the development of single-use fit test hoods, designed for economy and function.

Test Hoods

Skin Contact

Skin Contact

  • Medical tapes
  • Wearables
  • Monitoring



  • Drug packaging
  • Security

medical device

Medical Device

  • Diagnostics 
  • Electro-medical 
  • Micro-fluidics 

Converted Products

  • Fit test hoods