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Innovation and Performance for Tomorrow’s Technology

Ensure outstanding product functionality and performance for your electronics applications.


Prevent counterfeiting and theft with overt and covert security label technologies, such as destructible films, holographic films, micro-taggants and fluorescing adhesives, as well as other forensic technologies.

Purple Void White Box


Asset Tracking

Polyimide films with printable coatings enable fine-print barcoding, RFID and NFC, while withstanding the rigors of printed circuit board production.

Circuit Board Barcode

Sound & Vibration Damping

Reduce noise and vibration in disk drive assemblies with adhesives that do more than join parts together. Products are silicone-free to prevent contamination.

Electronics Disk Drive

Barrier Films

Prevent exposure to moisture and oxygen that can damage circuits.

Barrier Films

Device Functionality

Functional microstructures serve to reduce glare on touch screens, and low-tack silicone adhesives are ideal for pre-masking.

Device Functionality