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Consumer Durables.

Performance in the Real World

Items intended to last for years need components that can withstand exposure to abrasion, harsh chemicals, UV rays, and more. Choosing materials that have been pushed to the limits ensures they will withstand the rigors of the real world.

Agency Recognition

Select pre-qualified products carrying UL, cUL and/or CSA recognition, which makes adoptions a breeze. Flexcon’s UL-adoption reimbursement program means zero out-of-pocket costs for basic adoptions.

Logo C RU US BW 2010 CSA Combo

Robust Testing

Where the bar is even higher or testing is required for additional surfaces or exposures, the experts in our DAP-certified lab can ensure that materials will perform as needed.

Thickness Measurement Group

Excellent Print Quality

Get top-of-the-line label print quality as well as reliable cross-platform printability, from traditional methods like flexo, screen and thermal transfer to newer digital technologies like UV inkjet.

Flexo Press


Choose from a selection of overlaminates offering 2, 5, or even 10 years of outdoor protection as well as desired aesthetics.

Drill Dewalt Warning Clear Label

Custom Constructions

Rely on Flexcon to develop a construction to suit the application requirements when an off-the-shelf product won’t fit the bill.

Weed Wacker Bolens Compliance

Branding/Graphics - Consumer Durables


  • Nameplates
  • Brand identity
  • Warning/instructional
  • Compliance

Track & Trace/Identification

  • Asset tracking
  • Security

Functional Technologies - Consumer Durables

Functional Technologies

  • Bonding
  • Masking
  • Noise & vibration damping
  • Overlamination