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Construction & Energy

Building Solutions for Sustainability and Performance

Gain a competitive edge in your industry when you choose a solution manufactured by Flexcon.

Bonding Solutions

A high-performance adhesive can be the ideal alternative to mechanical fasteners. Engineered adhesives function in extreme environments, securing to challenging surfaces, and providing additional functionality such as vibration damping and viscoelasticity.

Control of Vapors and Moisture

Barrier films and coatings can be designed to sense the transfer of gases as well as prevent it. They can also prevent moisture and oxygen from damaging critical components.


Functional adhesives, polyimides, aerogels and embossed materials can be engineered for thermal management of piping and other structural components.


Micro-embossed films can serve many purposes, such as serving anti-microbial, anti-glare, and light-diffusing functions.

Heat Conductivity

Flexible conductive materials can be ideal for heated flooring applications.

Heat Conductivity