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Our brand-new story

Flexcon is writing a new chapter

Our evolution to become the preferred provider of innovative coatings and functional technologies continues after almost 70 years. And with this new brand we’re excited to introduce the next chapter in our story. 

Our new expression is a reflection of our strong internal culture and external relationships. We are committed to understanding customer challenges and co-creating solutions that positively impact society and the environment. This philosophy underpins our brand strategy, encompassing our vision, beliefs, competencies, and our new brand purpose – Advancing bonds, innovation, and our world. 




Layers of meaning

The Flexcon logo embodies our deep commitment to innovation and collaboration, representing our multi-layered product expertise and strong customer bonds. The circular shapes within the symbol honor our roll-to-roll manufacturing heritage and signify our ongoing evolution and enduring values. 


The color of innovation

Our new brand color - Flexcon Blue - is a vibrant, confident hue that reflects our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible. It's a color that energizes and inspires, building trust and serving as a visual embodiment of Flexcon's contributions to the world of innovative coatings and functional technologies. 





A fresh new face

Circular is both approachable and functional, two qualities at the heart of our identity. It’s more than just a font choice; it's a visual representation of our dedication to being a welcoming, collaborative, and highly effective partner for all our customers. 


Patterns of precision

Our unique linear patterns visually represent the versatile nature of our diverse range of products. Much like the rolls of materials that define our heritage, and the innovative healthcare solutions that bond seamlessly to skin, these patterns symbolize the underlying strength and cohesion within our offerings. They embody the far-reaching impact of Flexcon, transcending boundaries throughout the world.







And it's only the beginning

Our new brand represents the next chapter in our ongoing story of innovation and progress. It underscores our enduring commitment to evolution and adaptability, emphasizing that we are far from reaching our full potential. With this new brand, we acknowledge our achievements over the last seven decades and lay the foundation for an even brighter future. 


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